Your Certified Thermographic Technician and Founder 

Angie Lacoste  CTT CEA          

Angie became involved with thermography as a result of both her Mum and her Dad being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her Dad was diagnosed almost 13 years ago (at the age of 70), and at that time it was really uncommon for men to have breast cancer. He noticed a single drop of blood through his nipple and that was the one and only sign that something was wrong. He  had a mastectomy shortly after screening and a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis and was put on a 3-year course of Tamoxifen (because the cancer was said to be estrogen receptive).

Then, nearly 4 years ago, at the age 80, and only two years after receiving the all clear on a mammogram, Angies’ Mum felt lumps in one of her breasts. Further structural  screening and a biopsy confirmed the lumps were malignant and her Mum also had to have a mastectomy – again with no reconstructive surgery.

This prompted Angie to ask several questions as to why, when breast cancer is detected, is it already very serious, almost being caught just in time (and sadly sometimes not)? Angie, now in a much higher risk category due to the first degree family history of the disease, began to research heavily, wondering how she could have better helped her Mum and her Dad, seeing there is no mainstream screening for men and similarly no mainstream screening for women under 50 or over 70. And in the case of her Mum, even the mammogram 2 years prior, which had given her Mum the ‘all clear’, did not detect the tumour, because, although the cancer was there, the lumps were just not yet big enough to be detected on the mammogram.

So when Angie discovered Medical Thermal Imaging, or Thermography as it is also known, and learned that it had been approved by the FDA in America in 1982 for the adjunctive diagnosis for the earliest markers for breast cancer (way in advance of when a mammogram can detect any tumour), apart from being totally shocked and in disbelief that this safe and powerful technology was still not available in mainstream healthcare, she also realised how dramatically  it could have helped her Mum had it have been available, not to mention how it could help all women going forward.

Angie vowed there and then that she needed to make this powerful ‘tool’ more available to help both men and women (of all ages) be proactive in safeguarding their health (against breast cancer and other diseases too), especially knowing that with the early insight and information gained from thermal imaging, prevention is possible, not just saving breasts, but saving lives too!

Angie is a speaker and the author of the upcoming book Unheard Immunity – Your Natural Immune Improvement Guide to Fighting COVID19 and Other Diseases and is actively sharing this important life-saving information to groups of ladies of all ages in a variety of settings from community and network meetings to corporate awareness programmes and she trusts you will share it too.

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