Within these terms the following words with capital letters mean the following:

Us / We = ThermaVUE, You = The patient requiring the Scan.  Scan = The imaging process using an InfraRed Camera.


A minimum deposit of 50% of the full fee, for the procedure selected by You, will be required to enable ThermaVUE (Us) to accept a booking.  The balance, or full total payment, is required no later than 7 Working days prior to the appointment day. (For this purpose working days are considered as weekdays Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and any and all Bank Holidays.)

Any special offers or special group or corporate bookings must be paid in full at the time of the booking and acceptance of the offer within the validity period of the offer.

Payments are accepted by cash deposit, bank transfer and all major credit and debit cards for which an official receipt will be sent to the address quoted at the time of booking.  Payments can be made over the phone or in person or online through the website when making your booking. We regret we do not accept cheques.


Please be aware that We have a cancellation policy designed to cover the cost of the planning and work involved in arranging the appointment, supplying documentation covering the imaging process, booking the analysis of the infrared photographs and initiating protocols.

Any cancellations or changes to appointments made prior to seven working days before the appointment time will result in a £75 fee.

Any cancellation of appointment made within seven working days, or less, of the appointment will result in complete forfeiture of the full booking fee.

Any re-appointment within seven working days but not less than 3 working days’ prior to the appointment date will result in a £100 re-booking fee.

If your appointment is on a Monday, please make sure you let us know by Tuesday 5pm the week prior to the appointment.

Missed appointments for any reason, including where the patient has not adhered to the pre-imaging protocols as advised, will result in forfeiture of the full booking fee.



It is important that You read and follow the preparation instruction protocols carefully at least a week ahead of your appointment to ensure We are able to conduct the scan at the scheduled appointment time. If We are unable to conduct the scan at the scheduled appointment time due to a failure to follow these instructions, this will unfortunately result in a missed appointment fee of 100%. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


At ThermaVUE We treat all our clients with respect and courtesy.   We are here to help and therefore do not take kindly to any abuse. Those choosing to use rude or obnoxious behaviour will be asked to vacate the premises immediately and, if a patient, no further services will be provided and the patient will not be entitled to any form of refund, re-scan or to any scan results that may have been in progress at the time of the offence.


Prices for full body, upper or lower body scans, with and without breast imaging, maxillofacial or any single series imaging can change without notice but are as shown on the website and are ruling at the time of booking your appointment.

Fees for the various imaging series as noted above can be found on our Booking Your Appointment page


Everyone at ThermaVUE will do everything possible to make Your visit a pleasant one but should  You have any concerns over the way You have been treated We will respond to complaints as quickly as possible, after it is received in writing at our registered office, ThermaVUE Ltd, Suite 46F, New Forest Enterprise Centre, Chapel Lane, Southampton, SO40 9LA, or by email to us at scans@ThermaVUE.co.uk, with a  written acknowledgement within two working days and a full consideration within twenty one days of the date of receipt of the complaint, given in writing or in person, as considered appropriate,  as soon as possible thereafter.  You will be kept informed should there be any delay in this process.


It is considered that within the Terms and Conditions You irrevocably accept that You will seek a health review by a medically qualified doctor which may or may not include a structural analysis of the breasts such as a Mammogram, Ultrasound or MRI as recommended by the clinical thermologist analysing your images.


Please see our Privacy Policy for how we collect and use your personal information